Industrial Joysticks

MAP Single axis joystick

Direct drive of PWM and Ratiometric solenoid valves without the need for Driver Cards

Joystick command is based on the measurement of magnetic field of a
permanent magnet through redundant Hall effect probes, not subject to wear
and tear.

MAP2L is a single axis electronic joystick with PWM outputs, able to directly
drive a couple of PWM solenoid valves.

  • Main features:
    • One proportional section (A+B) direct control (2 PWM outputs max 2.5A);
    • Adjustable minimum/maximum current for each directions (A+B);
    • Adjustable rise/fall timeramp up to 25 seconds (step 0.1s);
    • Adjustable PWM frequency from 50 to 300 Hz;

MAP2L is a single axis electronic joystick with voltage signal output.

  • Main features:
    • – single output voltage signal.
    • Available ranges are: 0÷5V, 0÷10V, 5÷0÷5V, 0.5÷2.5÷4.5V or any other
      range within 0÷10V;
    • Ratiometric (25%÷50%÷75% of supply voltage).