Aus-Tec Radio Remote Control Products



Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving and Cutting Perth - Remote Control ProductsOur laser engraver is located on our site and can provide customised laser engraving and cutting to suit your requirements. Perfect for making sturdy, weather proof, customised labels for your remote control or electrical panels.


Valve Control Cards

image006For both current proportional and voltage controlled electric hydraulic valves and associated equipment.


Signal and control products

Stabiliser Control systemsConsisting of various instrumentation and custom electronic modules as well as turnkey electrical design and build work. Australian Technology Services has access to a number a different brands and variations of different signal and control products.


Automotive stage trolley

Stage Trolley

  • Shows sensible driveability
  • Drives safely with remote control
  • Steer and drive with one lever
  • Turns on the spot
  • Follows a line automatically
  • Easy to transport (weights only 70 kg)
  • Carries loads up to 1 ton
  • Extremely attractive price
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