Signal and Remote Control Products

Consisting of various instrumentation and custom electronic modules as well as turnkey electrical design and build work. Australian Technology Services has access to a number a different brands and variations of different signal and control products.

These includes:

Single and Dual Axis Joysticks for PWM or Voltage Control Systems


Stabiliser Control systems

Stabiliser Control systems


Slope Sensors

Slope Sensors


Linear Actuator Controller

Mono Chrome Touchscreen Linear Actuator Controller

Easily Control up to 2 Linear Actuators at the touch of a Finger.
Optional Potentiometric Feedback for Positional Indication
4 Easily Configurable Options.

Customised Options available on request.

Linear Actuator Controller Brochure

Linear Actuators Linear Actuators 2


These are just a sample of some of the Products we have access to through our range of suppliers both Internationally and Here in Australia

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