Industrial Remote Control Applications

The remote transmitter does not need to be connected using cables, so the operator is able to move freely around the machine at a safe distance. The individual transmission telegram ensures the transmitting unit will only communicate with its receiving unit, avoiding interference with other radio remote controls.



Mining Equipment

Radio Remote Control for Conveyor in Mining Equipment

Radio Remote Control Systems can be used for a variety of mining applications. Ie. Stackers, conveyors, crushers etc.


Radio Remote Control for Tilt Tray

For safety reasons, Radio Remote Control of Tilt Trays moves the driver away from a fixed position allowing mobility around the carried load, dramatically increasing safety and efficiency.


Radio Remote Control for Marine Application

Control of boat winches enables free movement of the operator around the deck and load. Safety first.


Grain Auger Radio Remote Control for Agricultural Applications

Start and stop your grain auger with a Radio Remote Control.

Building and Construction

Remote Control for Concrete Pump - Building And Construction Applications

When you remote a concrete pump, it extends the capability of the vehicle. Allowing the pump to operate on multi-storied construction sites


Doors and Gate Remote Controls - Warehousing Applications

Controlling your door and gate with a radio remote control allows for entry without the need to disembark the vehicle. Increasing safety and security.

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