Gross Funk

Grossfunk T31/K2 Plus

The T31/K2 with more space for example, a display or additional controls

Applications for K2 and K2, plus:

  •      Construction and Industrial Cranes
  •      Production and 
  •      Unmanned vehicles such as excavators, etc.
  •      Mobile cranes, concrete pumps and cranes
  •      Transport and storage technology
  •      Industrial applications
  •      Crane control with data collection in storage technology
  •      Crane control with additional safety function and data feedback
  •      Vehicle control with LCD display and data feedback
  •      Marine and offshore applications


2 x 12V NIMH Batteries
Cat 3 Safety
Emergency Stop
Feedback LEDS and Screens
Relay outputs
Range app. 200 – 300 meters

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