Faber-com MDE-V90

Faber-com MDE-V90


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Faber-com MDE-V90
Main features:

The electronic regulator MDE-V90 can control two Sauer-Danfoss pumps series 90 with option KA or KP.

  •  2 analog input, 2.5V in rest position, with range from 0V÷ 5V (recommended 0.5V ÷ 4.5V with range control);
    or range 25%-50%-75% of supply voltage (ratiometric version – Danfoss signal).
  • 1 ON/OFF input to enable outputs (unique for the two pumps).
  • 3 Analog Inputs 0-5V
  • 2 Enable Inputs with different operating Features
  • 2 couples of 200Hz PWM outputs to command the two proportional coils of the pump series 90
  • 1 ON/OFF output for an optional DUMP VALVE, supplied when at least one pump is activated
  • 1 +5V stabilized output to supply potentiometers (maximum output current = 50 mA).