Leading Australia in electrical switchboards and automation control solutions for all industrial and mining sectors. Our highly experienced team oversees the entire scope of a project from electrical design, plc programming, manufacturing to installation & commissioning. We design, manufacture and deliver to the highest standards backed by a strong history of quality design, service and components.

Let AES deliver the perfect control solution customised to your specific application all while integrating safety technology.

From on-site electrical repairs and maintenance to the planning, installation and commissioning of customised electrical control solutions our experienced licensed electrical team are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

Our highly qualified electrical team have a wide range of expertise including but not limited to PLC Automation, programming and fault finding, electrical design and manufacturing, fault finding of industrial and mining plant and equipment and providing a general electrical maintenance program.

Project Design & Engineering

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Engineers working with technical blueprints on a desktop computer

Our highly-specialised electrical team can create custom designs and engineer control systems according to your specifications. We’re proud to offer complete turnkey solutions that cover the entire scope, from design & build to installation & commission.

If you need electrical design and engineering, give us a call today! We’ll work to your specific requirements and customise our products to suit your individual applications.

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PLC Automation & Control

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Wiring PLC Control panel with wires industrial factory

With many years of expertise in the industry, we are more than capable of handling all of your company’s automation needs. From solution design and systems installation to component selection and maintenance, our staff are happy to help you out. We have a highly-qualified team of sales, technical, and support staff to ensure you get a fully personalised and experienced service.

Here are some of the systems we can install:

  • COBO
  • Allen and Bradley
  • Unitronics
  • Danfoss Plus 1
  • IFM
  • Schneider
  • Mitsubishi
  • Zelio Logic
  • Barthe
  • Idec

If your company needs custom automations, give us a call and we can get it done as soon as possible.

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Switchboard Manufacture

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Switchboard room

We supply a variety of switchboards for industrial and mining use. We have years of expertise in manufacturing heavy-duty, high-quality switchboards according to client’s specifications.

All switchboards and related components are handled according to the requirements of our customers. We oversee the entire switchboard panel process from design and manufacturing all the way to installation and commissioning. With a strict adherence to quality work and control, we ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best work and products from us.

Other services include:

  • Main power distributions
  • MCC panels
  • Sub distribution panel
  • Variable speed drive boards
  • Custom-built switchboards

Does your company need custom switchboard panels, specific parts and components, installation and regular maintenance? Give us a call and we can get it done as soon as possible.

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Project Installation & Commissioning

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Electrician's hands tightening electric actuator equipment in fuse box

Our highly skilled team is able to take care of your control system Installation. The process involves running of cables, cable protection systems, termination of components and final wiring into the control panel. Once installed we are able to facilitate the commissioning of your project.

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System Monitoring

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Hand touching a panel on a machine room operator controls system

Once installed, the control systems provided by AES can be easily monitored remotely, making your life that much easier. Our team of experts will set up the monitoring system and build a remote client platform for easy access. Once that’s done, the next step is to implement it and also offer complete training to staff.

If your company needs remote monitoring for the control system, give us a call and we’d be happy to get it done as soon as possible.

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Engineer testing industrial electrical circuits with a multimeter in a control terminal box

Along with monitoring, preventative maintenance ensures uninterrupted functionality of the installed control system. Our maintenance team will flag outdated systems and help you upgrade them according to industry requirements. No need to worry about faulty components – we’ve got that covered as well. Our experienced technicians will handle all the necessary repairs for you.

If your company needs preventative maintenance for control systems, give us a call right now and we’d be happy to start as soon as possible.

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Illuminated lights indicating the working state of associated electrical equipment

Our laser engraver is located on-site and can provide customised laser engraving and cutting to suit your requirements. Perfect for making sturdy, weather proof, customised labels for your remote control or electrical panels.

Does your company need a customised label for electrical panels? Give us a call and we can get it done as soon as possible.

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Complete turnkey solutions for your industrial electrical requirements.