433 Mhz RFI UHF 4dB Mopole Antenna (380-440 MHz): Stud Mount 5m No Connector

4dB Mopole Antenna (380-440 MHz)
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"Enhance Your Signal, Wherever You Are." The Radio Remote Control 433 MHz RFI UHF 4dB Mopole Antenna ensures robust and clear communication over distances. Specifically designed for a frequency range of 380-440 MHz, this stud mount antenna, with its 5m length, offers versatility without the hassle of additional connectors. Its unique mopole design optimizes signal strength and coverage, making it an ideal choice for professionals in logistics, security, or event coordination. Imagine coordinating a large festival or managing a warehouse: this antenna guarantees you stay connected to your team, ensuring smooth operations and quick response times. Equip your setup with simplicity and efficiency.
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