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Product Details

Grossfunk Automatic Stage Trolley

  • Shows sensible driveability
  • Drives safely with remote control
  • Steer and drive with one lever
  • Turns on the spot
  • Follows a line automatically
  • Easy to transport (weighs only 70 kg)
  • Carries loads up to 1 ton
  • Extremely attractive price

Why this system is safe:

  • Safety is crucial to us!
  • Redundant emergency stop
  • Double data evaluation
  • Zero position monitoring
  • Safe against unintended moves
  • Monitored safety channels
  • Safe data transfer with GROCOM 128
  • Reliable reception with REFLEKTOMAT
  • Certified QM system according to ISO9001
  • Extremely robust design


30 years of experience with safety-relevant systems and the constant co-operation with competent partners guarantee the functional safety.

Why this system is reliable:

  • Tried and tested technique, based on 30 years of experience in development and production of radio remote controls for the safety-relevant professional use
  • Simple but solid drive concept (dc voltage)
  • High availability of the remote control through narrowband and selective receiver
  • Reliable data transfer
  • Narrowband radio transmission not only guarantees an optimal range (it also keeps other radio services e.g radio microphones unimpaired)

Optional special functions

Master transmitter

The master transmitter controls two stage trolleys simultaneously. In addition to the functions “trolley 1” and “trolley 2”, it has a selector switch for “trolley 1”, “trolley 2” and “tandem”.

An additional potentiometre allows the synchronism comparison of two simultaneously controlled trolleys.

The option has to be chosen at the time of ordering; re-fitting is not possible!

Automatic Tracing of Lines

With this option, the stage trolley traces affixed lines. The line can be applied with an adhesive tape of 25mm. The automatic operation works in one direction only .

Programmable Drive Sequence Control

Add-on of automatic tracing. Teach-in and save any drive sequence which can then be repeated at will. In addition to the learned stop positions, speeds and stop times are saved. An interface allows the monitoring and archiving of the saved sequences.

Collision Sensor

In case of a collision with any obstacle, a circulating protection strip stops the stage trolley immediately. The protection strip is flexible and can also be put on the outline of any built-up.

Preparation Safety Package

This option allows the add-ons with optionally available safety sensors, e.g. stage edge sensor and collision sensor.

Stage Edge Sensor

4 sensors for recognition of the stage floor. In case the stage edge is overrun, the stage trolley stops immediately.

The important features summarised:

  • Stepless, sensitive drive
  • Driving directions forward / reverse, cornering with infinitely controllable steering radius, turning on the spot
  • Low weight
  • High load capacity
  • Low current consumption, long-lasting battery
  • Comfort driving function
  • High functional safety
  • Not accident-sensitive
  • Additional switching functions for effects etc.
  • PWM controlled DC voltage drive
  • Frame system of 90x90cm.
  • Drive with 2 DC motors
  • Many add-ons