Gross Funk GF-2000i Receiver

GrossFunk GF-2000i


Radio Remote Controls



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Product Details

GrossFunk GF-2000i

GrossFunk GF-2000i offers all users a universal system for remote controlling and data transferring. Remote control commands can be transferred wirelessly from one place to another or to several other places. The system GF2000i also offers the necessary transmission technology to reach the desired range.

Through GF 2000i you will receive a versatility that enables you to assign the same modules to many operational areas.


  • Universally applicable
  • Simple usage
  • Easy installation; snap in, wire, finished
  • Simple wiring using screw-type terminals / plug
  • Clamps
  • High flexibility
  • Combinable with all transmitting-and operating
  • Devices from Gross-Funk
  • Secure transmission of the emergency stop


Area of Use:

  • Remote Control for Cranes
  • Remote Control for Pumping Stations
  • Remote Control for Machines of all Sorts
  • Remote Control for Conveyor Belts
  • Remote Control for Ventilating and Exhaust ┬áSystems
  • Remote Control for Cable Winches
  • Data Transmission for Water Companies
  • Data Transmission for Sewage Plants
  • Data Transmission for Various Bus Technologies
  • Data Transmission for Data Acquisition
  • Data Transmission for Digital Signals of all Sorts