Scanreco G5 Pocket 6 Button Transmitter

Scanreco Control Unit Pocket Pocket 8 TX 1-6 FN Stop 49284


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1 - 8 | Digital



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Product Details

  • The Scanreco handheld Pocket series – systems specially designed to be used for various mobile applications such as winches, tailgates, agriculture-machines, forestry machines/cranes, chippers and augers, mobile hydraulic robots, mobile conveyor belts, etc.
  • The Pocket series come with 3, 4, 6 or 8 pushbuttons with modern functional design. They are all supplied with one-step pushbuttons, e.g. with 8 pushbuttons, there are 8 functions control (or 16 functions control with SHIFT).
  • The Pocket series is all ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the operator’s hand.
  • The Pocket series will be the preferred choice for countless applications that require a limited number of digital functions/outputs.
  • The Pocket series has large distinct push-buttons and can be used wearing working gloves. The units are rugged, have a light-weight and are user-friendly.
  • The Pocket series is a robust capsule, capable of withstanding the elements and carrying out operations in the toughest and most demanding environments. The Pocket unit is of class IP 67 and can therefore always be exposed without interruptions to extreme environments where there are high demands on shock, dust, humidity and water.
  • The Pocket series is equipped with a rubber edge guard providing a good shock resistance and includes a belt holder to be conveniently attached to the operator’s belt.
  • The Pocket series is powered with replaceable AAA batteries (or optional external rechargeable battery kit). The low current consumption gives a long and outstanding trouble-free operation without having to change batteries. All units have LED for battery indication/low battery alarm.
  • The Pocket series transmits at the widely approved 2.4 GHz-license band with an excellent range under optimal conditions.
  • The Pocket series has automatic frequency management, i.e. reliable radio transmission, highly resistant to inference, thanks to the combination of advanced spread spectrum frequency hopping techniques (DSSS, FHSS, THSS) used in the Pocket-series. Country frequency regulations are eliminated with the 2.4 GHz radio.
  • The Pocket system is based on a two-way radio technology which enables and allows machine operation data to be fed back to the operator. The Pocket series has 5 feedback LEDs. The LEDs are programmable.
  • Self-diagnostic: The LEDs indicate functional and battery status as well as providing a simple, diagnostic troubleshooting option.
  • The pushbuttons are programmable and can be redirected to activate any function or series of functions. The function and its output can be programmed as momentary, interlocked non-latched or latched. The Pocket series can be programmed in an unlimited way.



Scanreco’s radio remote control system meets the EU’s Machine- and EMC-directive (CE-mark) and is approved and complies with R&TTE 1999/5/EC, EN301489-3, EN300 328, EN60950-1. The radio unit is also certified in several countries outside of Europe.


Each radio remote control system functions in all manner of operational conditions equipped with their own unique identity code (ID-code). This means that only the correct Pocket control unit can activate and control its matching receiver (machine). Risk assessment: As required standards ISO12100 and ISO14212, all machines or objects must undergo a risk assessment. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate if the machine or object can be radio remote controlled with Pocket series. The Pocket radio remote control series can only be installed and used if the risk assessment gives a positive result. The system installation shall be provided with wired emergency stops where necessary.