Radio Remote Controls for Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

The Radio Remote Control System allows the operator to move freely around the machine. The portable transmitting unit does not need to be connected using cables, therefore, the operator can remain at a safe working distance from the machine and in a position which is more suitable for controlling machine movements.

Each Radio Remote Control uses a specific transmission telegram that is individually programmed by the manufacturer and which cannot be modified. In this manner each transmitting unit can only react with its own receiving unit, and not with other Radio Remote Controls.

The operating frequency used by the Radio Remote Control can be easily changed by the operator within a range of varied frequencies. This allows the operator to work close to other radio remote controlled machines without any reciprocal radio interference.


Transmitters can vary from basic hand held units for on/off applications, to more complicated proportional (variable) joystick and paddle control systems and even feedback systems.


Generally mounted on the controlled equipment, they vary from:

  • Basic on/off relay outputs
  • Proportional (variable) systems to directly drive either voltage control or amperage control valves
  • And recently, Can Bus Control Systems


Servo system

Recent product developments include a “retrofit Servo System”. The system, originally designed for Truck Mounted Cranes, allows existing valve systems to be Radio Controlled. Fitting over the crossrods on a crane, the “servos connect” to the rods or the handles of the valves, a high pressure filter and cross over block are fitted to the main supply line to power the servos. The radio remote or cable control then connects to the servo units and proportionally controls the levers on the valve block. Servos are available in both analog/proportional or digital/on/off.


Technological advances in Radio Remote Controls has also introduced the implementation of CAN BUS control systems. This simplifies the connectivity of the Radio Remote into the Control system and allows the freedom of integrating a broad range of logic controls associated with Radio Remote Controlling machinery which could be deemed to be hazardous. By utilizing the available logic within the CAN BUS system safety hazards are greatly reduced and Radio remote controls are able to be used across a broader range of machinery and applications.

To view data sheets on our range of products, please view our Product Catalogue. Alternatively, individual datasheets are also available. Remote Control Product Catalogue

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