Industry 4.0 & Technological Advances

Almost every industrial facility and commercial building relies on the automation of its electrical systems. Automation is essential to facilitate the effective running of operations.  And as technology advances in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet Of Things enables more sophisticated remote monitoring and data collection, the need for businesses to have access to ever more sophisticated automation knowledge only increases.

At the heart of the drive towards more sophisticated industrial automation lies the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).  A PLC is essentially an industrial computer that is programmed with a series of commands to control a range of commercial and industrial applications with little or no manual intervention required.  The PLC differs from a traditional home/work computer in that it while it does not control the same diverse range of tasks, the tasks that it does handle can be executed at incredibly rapid speeds.  And as such, the benefits of PLC automation become clear.  PLC automation allows tasks can be executed more efficiently, more cost effectively and with less risk of human error.

PLC Programming

But of course, the full benefits of PLC automation can only be realised if through a combination of an appropriately designed solution, the installation of the right equipment and components and making sure that the PLC is programmed correctly and in line with the specific requirements of the commercial or industrial facility. Without the correct PLC programming, the benefits of PLC automation will be lost and there is a risk that commercial and industrial production can completely grind to a halt.

How Australian Electrical Services Can Help

And that is where a business like Australian Electrical Services (AES) comes in.  With many years of unparalleled expertise and experience in the industry, we have an enviable track record of looking after all our mining and industrial clients’ PLC automation needs. From selecting the right products and components, PLC programming through to installation, ongoing maintenance and remote monitoring services – we do it all!  View a recent example of our work here.

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