Faber-com VPP3 Potentiometer

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Faber-com VPP3 Potentiometer

VPP3 is a family of panel mount PWM controllers for proportional solenoid
valves. Just mount it on the operator panel, connect power supply and
proportional solenoid, then adjust the current using the potentiometer on
VPP3 is available for single solenoid and for double solenoid valves.
- adjustable minimum/maximum current for each directions (A+B);

- adjustable rise/fall timeramp up to 25 seconds (step 0.1s);

- adjustable PWM frequency from 50 to 300 Hz;

- output curve shape: linear or parabolic (selectable);

- no. 2 multi purpose pins. Each one can be programmed to work as:

digital input (to enable or block outputs, speed selection).

digital output (dump valve, directional output, output over a threshold).

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