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EVO is a brand new radio remote control, developed and produced by ELCA in full compliance with applicable laws* for machines and industrial lifting and handling. It consists of 6 double step push buttons, 1 programmable function button, Start and mushroom STOP.

It is compact, lightweight and ergonomic with a low power consumption electronics powered by a lithium battery. Two LED’s, green and red, indicate the status of the battery (up to 40 hours of continuous use). A unique compact power adaptor plugs directly into the transmitter and fully recharges in 4 hours (3 hours autonomy in first 15 minutes).A unique protective case, standard with every system, does not to be removed during charging.

EVO is resistant to shocks and all types of severe conditions (the casing made of ABS, IP65, and includes a relief valve). It can receive and display via 4 LED signals coming from the machine control system (return-transmitter). Activation of the transmitter is protected by an electronic key-code and an auto shut-off option which is programmable (with 2, 5, 10 minutes of inactivity). The replacement of the transmitter does not affect the options previously set and is done via a simple pairing procedure using the keyboard pushbuttons.

The system automatically shuts down in the presence of radio interference, and with the next pressing of the start button, the system automatically chooses and locks onto the first available clear frequency. The “Function” button allows for the following features: momentary button option, button latching option (push-push) with or without locking memory, possibility to select command 1, 2, 1+2 (with the LED display indicating the active selection). EVO is suited for all types of applications.