Grossfunk GFT23 Transmitter

GrossFunk GF-T23


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Joysticks & Paddle Transmitters

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14+ | proportional



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GrossFunk GF-T23

Our compact variants joystick and paddle transmitter units

The stainless steel railing protects the switch against unintended actuation compact and yet user-friendly easy to operate, even with gloves.

  • 433.075 – 434.750
  • 2 x 12V NIMH Batteries
  • Cat 3 Safety
  • Proportional
  • Digital
  • Emergency Stop
  • Feedback LEDs and Screens
  • Relay outputs
  • Range app. 200 – 300 meters

Grossfunk GFT23 Grossfunk GFT23 Grossfunk GFT23